Helping Puerto Rico Rebuild After
Hurricane Maria...

For 2020, we're hosting church mission groups & corporate teams in one of our hardest hit municipalities, Utuado.  

A Week in the World of Taino Volunteers!

An amazing intergenerational group of twenty-one volunteers from McPherson Presbyterian Church in Kansas joined us for a week in June 2019.  Here's their story, captured beautifully in this video by Brecklyn Martens!

About Us

Our Mission

Our non-profit is committed to helping those suffering from the trappings of poverty and the devastation of Hurricane Maria, while sharing and teaching our volunteers about this beautiful island.

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Our Team

Comprised of mission trip veterans, community leaders and civic organizations, and small businesses on the ground in Puerto Rico, we are  committed to creating incredible volunteer experiences.

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Culture & Sustainability

Just like the Tainos, we believe in living in harmony with nature and her gifts. In addition, through learning and cross-cultural immersion, Taino volunteers leave Puerto Rico as ambassadors for our island and her rich heritage and traditions. 

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